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the best roof rack for vans

Do you want to increase the efficiency and load capacity of your commercial vehicle? Then you need a professional roof rack. It is the solution for transporting long materials, such as ladders/boards/beams/tubes, with a van. First of all, you gain a lot of space inside the van. This makes the van a lot easier to equip. Besides, it also saves trips back and forth to get your material to its destination.

At mobietec you are at the right address for a roof rack made to measure. We are specialised in the design and production of the best professional roof racks. We have developed an extensive range of roof racks that meet all the different needs for use. We also carefully selected the right materials. Every professional can come to our dealers for a roof rack made to measure.

What can you expect from our roof racks? We will gladly explain it to you. At mobietec you can count on:

a light roof rack with a high load-bearing capacity

A mobietec roof rack is manufactured from anodised aluminium in combination with stainless steel. This combination is enormously strong and at the same time very low in weight.

Our roof racks are so strong that you could transport elephants with them, in a manner of speaking. Of course, your car has to be able to do that. You can only load the roof of your car up to the maximum weight indicated by the manufacturer. But with our roof racks, you have the great advantage that you lose very little loading capacity on the roof rack itself. That would be a shame, which is the case with steel roof racks.

An all-weather roof rack, rust-free

Aluminium roof racks not only look beautiful, they also stay beautiful. This is because we use anodised aluminium for our profiles. During the anodising process, aluminium receives a controlled oxidation layer. Put simply, a hard, wear-resistant layer is formed that protects the aluminium underneath. This protects our roof bars from aggressive external influences: UV rays, sea air, snow, rain... but also against friction, wear and rust.

In addition, our roof racks are low-maintenance. They are best cared for with PH-neutral cleaning agents.

an environmentally friendly roof rack

Our roof racks are aerodynamically designed and lightweight. This reduces the vehicle's consumption and therefore also its CO2 emissions. In addition, we have consciously chosen for the recyclable nature of aluminium. That is why we do not use paint for our black series. We came up with a special technique that is more environmentally friendly. This way, our black roof racks also remain recyclable. We also value the proximity of our suppliers and our packaging.

Thanks to their finish and durable materials, our roof racks have a very long life. At mobietec you buy a roof rack that is 100% Belgian, 100% durable and 100% reliable.

a safe roof rack that covers everything

mobietec roof racks are thoroughly tested before they are dispatched. Both theoretically and in practice. The crossbars are wide and equipped with anti-slip. This means that you can always move around safely on the roof rack. For extra safety, a walking plate can be added to each roof rack.

mobietec delivers a fully assembled rack, ready to be mounted on the vehicle. Our roof racks have a spoiler included as standard. This ensures that the air flow over the vehicle is almost noiseless. For vans without a tailgate, a ladder roll is also provided as standard. This makes it easy to load ladders or other long objects onto the roof rack.

a roof rack made to measure for your vehicle

We produce roof racks tailored to the size of each van. Customisation is also one of our specialities. Do you want a special design, a roof rack or glass rack that is slightly different? No problem at all. From small adjustments to our basic products to a completely new design: anything is possible! Because of the modular construction and the intelligent profiles, customisation can be realised quickly. We use a unique T-slot in our profiles so that every adaptation can be quickly put together mechanically. This also makes it easy to mount various accessories. Moreover, our in-house production ensures that we can realise this quickly.

different types of roof racks

There is no such thing as a universal roof rack. We cannot put every professional in the same category. Plumbers, painters, window installers, window washers... Everyone has different needs and material to transport. In order to meet different transport needs, we have designed different models of racks:

  • roof racks with closed sides
  • open side roof racks
  • flat roof racks

Want to know which roof rack would best suit your car and usage needs? Then there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all we look at what goods need to be transported. In addition, it also plays a role how often you need the roof rack and where you can park. Finally, the size of your car also has an influence.

In consultation with you, we always develop a roof rack according to your specific needs. Whatever you are transporting, a Mobietec roof rack will meet your requirements. Convinced of our strength? Use the online product finder to request a quotation. We will then gladly refer you to a Mobietec dealer in your neighbourhood.


where to buy a mobietec roof rack?

For expert advice, you can visit one of the many authorised mobietec distributors. Our network currently comprises more than 5000 garages and converters spread all over Europe.

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