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aluminium roof rack

A roof rack is the ideal extension for transporting long pieces such as ladders, boards, tubes or beams with your commercial van. A mobietec roof rack is made out of anodised aluminium in combination with stainless steel. Why? You can read this here:

A roofrack low in weight with a high carrying capacity

The combination of anodised aluminium and stainless steel is extremely strong and at the same time has a low own weight. You can make full use of your vehicle's loading capacity without losing much weight because of the roof rack itself.

Safe transport in style

All mobietec products are thoroughly tested theoretically and in practice. The sleepers are wide and equipped with anti-slip. In addition, aluminium roof racks not only look beautiful, they also keep their appearance. They are resistant to rain and wind and do not rust. 

With respect for the environment

Due to the low weight and aerodynamic design of the roof racks, the car's fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions are reduced. The racks also have a very long lifespan thanks to their design and the use of durable materials. Aluminium is also 100% recyclable. 

Great ease of use thanks to the modular structure

Thanks to the modular structure and the intelligent profiles, custom-made products can be supplied just as quickly as standard products. By using the unique T-slot in the profiles, each version can be quickly mechanically assembled and the assembly of various accessories is easy.

Mounting can be done on every commercial vehicle. In most cases fixation points are already provided by the manufacturer. When buying a new vehicle with similar dimensions, the carrier can be moved by adjusting the supports.

At a fair price

The delivery of a fully assembled product, ready for mounting on the vehicle, is not charged at a surcharge at mobietec. Our roof racks also always include a spoiler and ladder roller. The spoiler or wind deflector ensures that the airflow flows almost silently over the roof rack and the vehicle. For commercial vans without tailgate, a ladder roll is standard provided, making it easy to load ladders or other long objects onto the roof rack. Production indoors, in turn, guarantees short delivery times.

Whatever your transportation needs, a mobietec roof rack meets all your requirements. In consultation with you, we always develop a roof rack according to your specific needs.