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mobietec external glass rack
mobietec internal glass rack

internal or external glass racks

for save and easy transport of glass, sheet metal work, windows and window frames

At mobietec we produce both internal and external glass carriers, also called glass racks. Both are equally suitable for the safe transport of glass, plates, panels or windows. 

low in weight, high in carrying capacity

Our glass carriers are manufactured from anodised aluminium combined with stainless steel. This ensures a long life span as well as a low weight with a high load-bearing capacity. Moreover, the glass rack is resistant to all weather conditions and keeps its good looks throughout its life cycle.

customisation is possible

The glass carriers can be mounted in different ways. Either through the side or without drilling, making it easy and quick to assemble and disassemble. Our glass racks are made standard for each type of vehicle, but very often there are specific needs that require customisation. This is no problem for us. Various options, such as a built-in ladder, extra horizontal or vertical supports, etc. can be added on request.

external glass rack

With an external glass rack you save the internal space of your van and avoid the use of a trailer. The ideal solution if, in addition to glass, you have to transport other materials.

internal glass rack

Compared to an external glass rack, an internal glass rack has the additional advantage that it helps prevent theft of the valuable cargo and protects your material from the weather.

The glass rack can be fitted on the left, on the right or on both sides. Two clamping poles are provided as standard to keep the load in place. The rubber inlay, tested for friction resistance (tested with a load of 1.8G), absorbs shocks during transport and of course leaves no traces on the load. The supports (accessories) can be folded down to free up floor space when the glass rack is not in use. In addition, all versions are available with or without fixing rods to hold the glass in place.

The glass racks, also called glass rests, are built and tested according to various European EN standards.

accessories for glass racks

Internal or external glass carriers can also be fitted with accessories that increase the ease of use and the safety of the load.

Extra horizontal profiles can be added to build in a ladder. These horizontal profiles are placed in between two vertical profiles. Extra clamping poles to secure the load even more or a "wheel plate" to protect against gravel during transport are also possible options. Stainless steel lashing eyelets can be used in the vertical and horizontal profiles to secure the load extra tightly with ropes.

A glass rack is often mounted in front of a wheel arch. Our glass racks are tiltable as standard, so that the wheel is easily accessible. This way, changing a flat tyre is no hassle. However, it can happen that this way of repairing or replacing a tyre is not desired. In that case, we offer a solution by working with a removable piece at the height of the rear wheel.