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This is mobietec - we carry your load.

Whether you are a plumber, carpenter, window installer or roofer ... we all prefer to work in a comfortable and efficient environment. At mobietec we believe that comfort and efficiency lead to better work performances. And that practicality can also be beautiful. That is why we make high-quality, strong, light and beautifully finished roof racks and other commercial vehicle accessories. All customised for every tradesman.

We produce roof racks, ladders and glass racks that are 100% Belgian, 100% durable and 100% reliable. Thanks to a unique combination of aluminium and stainless steel, we produce roof racks that are exceptionally light and amazingly strong. Moreover, they are quickly installed and immediately ready for use.

We carry your ladders
We carry your beams
We carry your pipes
We carry your glassware
We carry your load.

Toof rack specialist since 2005

mobietec was founded in 2005 by Hans Bruynooghe. It all started with his own search for the perfect roof rack. You know the situation: you know exactly what you want, but nothing matches what you have in mind. So Hans went to work himself. He believed in the strength of aluminium over steel before anyone else did. His success was a customised roof rack that was exceptionally light and amazingly strong. And also efficient and comfortable to use. Friends, family, acquaintances, the demand increased rapidly. It was the birth of mobietec.

Since 18 years already mobietec is the leading producer of aluminium accessories for commercial vehicles. We are specialists in the in-house production of roof racks, glass racks, ladders and more. Our focus is always on quality, both in product and customer service. We meet the special needs of every customer and find a solution for everything.

A look behind the scenes in the mobietec production house

Designed by in-house experts

All mobietec products are designed in our own R&D department. With our knowledge and experience we can design products for every new car. We also continue to improve existing products. In doing so, we attach importance to aerodynamics, strength, ease of use, weight and looks.

Aerodynamic design and high carrying capacity: what does that mean exactly? With a mobietec roof rack you can transport more material. The low weight uses less of your maximum roof load. And all this while your car consumes less and you suffer less noise. Our products have a very long life span and also keep their good looks

In addition, customisation is one of our specialities. Do you want a special design, a roof rack or glass railing that is slightly different? No problem at all. From small adjustments to our basic products to a completely new design: anything is possible! Moreover, our in-house production ensures that we can realise this quickly.

Thoroughly tested with the necessary certificates

After the development of initial prototypes, our products are extensively tested. Theoretical tests are carried out using specialised computer programmes. Usage tests are carried out in our workshop and/or outdoors.

If certification is required, we work with a recognised external partner. Read more about our certificates here.

During the production process, every manufactured product is subjected to various checks. Without a complete check, they do not leave our factory.

Production with respect for the environment

We consciously opted for the recyclable and lightweight nature of aluminium. Its light weight reduces the car's consumption and therefore also its CO2 emissions. In addition, we opted for the process of anodising instead of painting. A roof rack painted black, for example, cannot be recycled. Our natural and black anodised products can. Anodising is a controlled oxidation layer that gives the aluminium profiles a high protection. Anodising creates a hard, wear-resistant layer that protects the underlying aluminium.

We also value the proximity of our suppliers and our packaging.

We carry your load – how do we do that? 

Our focus is always on quality, both in production and in service.


We carefully select the best materials for our commercial vehicle accessories. Rust, scratches and wear and tear are a thing of the past. Anodised aluminium is very strong and at the same time lightweight. In addition, it has a beautiful appearance and is resistant to all weather conditions.

To guarantee our quality, we offer a 2-year warranty on all our products. Register your product via this link and you will receive an additional 2 years.

At a fair price

Our products are all-inclusive. For example, the mSlide and spoiler are included as standard with a roof rack. We also deliver a fully assembled product, ready for mounting on the vehicle. We do not charge extra for this.

Curious about our prices? Use our product finder to request a quotation from a dealer near you.


Our in-house production ensures that we can manufacture the required product quickly. This applies to both standard products and customised work. In Belgium, we deliver within a week, elsewhere in Europe within two weeks.

The telephone is usually answered immediately. E-mails or requests are also answered within a day. In Belgium, we have a service team on the road so that we can be with you as quickly as possible if necessary.

Excellent customer service

We want to assist you wherever needed, from the time of enquiry to after-sales service. Our focus on comfort and efficiency extends to our website. Anyone can use our product finder to find his/her product. You can even request a quote from a dealer near you!

From the moment of request, we take over everything. Until the actual placing of the product on your car, you don't have to worry about a thing.