The mobietec story | Mobietec

A short introduction

Looking for the perfect roof rack. That was "the load" Hans, current manager of mobietec, "had to carry" 15 years ago. He started designing himself, believing in the power of aluminium over steel before anyone else did. His success was a tailor-made roof rack, efficient and comfortable to use. Friends, family, acquaintances, the demand increased. It was the start of mobietec.

With 15 years of experience, we are the leading Belgian manufacturer of high quality aluminium accessories for commercial vehicles. We have evolved into the specialist in the indoor production of roof racks, glass racks, ladders and other accessories tailored to each commercial vehicle. We meet the special needs of each customer and find a solution for everything. Our focus is always on quality, both in product and customer service.

respect for the environment

mobietec consciously opts for anodised aluminium. As a result, our products have a low weight, a very high load-bearing capacity and a beautiful appearance that does not rust. The recyclable character of aluminium, the proximity to suppliers and the lightweight profiles also ensure that we can produce with respect for the environment.

in-house production

All products are designed in our own R&D department. Our knowledge of aluminium with stainless steel helps us to constantly design new products and improve existing ones, in order to increase efficiency.

After the development of a prototype, the product is tested. Theoretical testing is done through specialized computer programs and user tests are performed in our workshop or outdoors. If certification is required, we work with a recognised external partner. The entire production process is subject to various checks before the product leaves for the customer.

Assembly instructions are provided if the product is assembled by the customer himself. Each product is accompanied by a user manual, intended for the end user.

Because we carry out the entire process in-house, we are able to bring new products onto the market in a relatively short period of time, and supplying custom-made products is a speciality.

reliable partner

Through an extensive network of garages, converters and distributors, the products are not only available in Belgium, but also in large parts of Europe.

In order to offer the smoothest possible service to our customers, mobietec also has its own service / assembly team on the road in Belgium. By means of the serial number of your product, you can be helped quickly in case of breakdown or problems.