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A roof rack is something that is mounted on top of the car roof so that extra material can be transported. mobietec manufactures roof racks that are suitable for professional workmen. Our roof racks are suitable for transporting ladders, beams, tubes and other large work material that does not always fit in the car. However, roof racks are still suitable for transporting canoes or other holiday equipment, for example.

Standard delivery times from the mobietec factory to the distribution points depend on location. Within the Benelux, this is 1 week after ordering. Outside the Benelux after 10-14 days.

A universal roof rack that fits every commercial vehicle does not exist. Every type of van is different and every professional has different needs. That is why we at mobietec only make tailor-made roof racks. Use our product finder to see which types of roof racks are suitable for your car.

mobietec produces 3 different types of roof racks:

  • roof rack with closed sides 
  • roof rack with open sides - in low or high sides 
  • a flat roof rack (without raised edges)

Each type of roof rack can be produced in natural anodised aluminium or black anodised aluminium. Additional options can be added, such as a walking plate or an integrated ladder.


You can choose between a roof rack with closed edges, with open edges or a flat roof rack. Which type you choose depends on your usage needs. To find out more about the different types and what they are suitable for, download our free E-guide. In 4 steps, you will know which type fits your needs best.

This is only possible if you choose a modular version. In our range this is called a modular roof rack. It is not possible to have a walking plate, but the crossbars can be moved at any time.

A walking plate is mounted on top of the roof rack so that you can walk on it safely. For this reason, our walkway is also anti-slip in both directions.

A mobietec walkway is 220 mm wide and can be widened by 110 mm. As standard it is assembled in the middle, but on request it can also be placed on the left or right.

You can also find out what type of roof rack it is by looking at the product number. Articles always start with a certain code to show which type it is.

Every mobietec roof rack is supplied with a spoiler and mSlide as standard. Exceptions to the spoiler are furniture boxes or if there is an integrated ladder in the roof rack for short vehicles. The mSlide is also always present.

Find the available options for your vehicle here.

A glass rack always comes with the legal equipment required by the country where the product is delivered. Each glass rack comes with 2 clamping poles as standard.

For an internal glass rack, we start from a basic frame. From there, supports, fastenings for clamping poles and clamping frames can be added. Each product is supplied with all mounting accessories (fastening material) as well as a mounting and operating manual.

Find the available options for your vehicle here.

In principle, our roof racks can handle just about a tonne, but your car cannot! Always check with the manufacturer what your car's maximum load capacity is to know how much you can load on the roof. Act accordingly to avoid damaging your car. The biggest advantage of an aluminium roof rack is that they are lightweight, allowing you to make optimal use of the load capacity.

In addition, our roof racks for larger cars are mounted on support profiles, also called rails, to distribute the weight evenly over the entire surface of your car roof.

In the case of roof racks mounted on supports, those supports were also designed so that they would first fold for warning, before any damage would occur to the car if the load was too heavy.

A support profile is assembled under the roof rack and then mounted on the vehicle. Its purpose is to distribute the weight evenly over the entire surface of the roof. By using a support profile, we thus avoid point loads. The support profile provides a direct connection between the roof and the roof rack. This profile can only be used on large vans. In these vehicles, the top of the roof where the support profile can be mounted is flat.

As wide as the roof rack allows.

There are legal limits to transporting objects in your car. For example, it is prohibited to load your car higher than 4 metres or wider than 2.55 metres. If your vehicle itself is 2.6 metres wide, that is the maximum.

A load may never protrude from the front of a car and may therefore not extend beyond the front of the car. At the back, the load may extend beyond the car, but no further than 1 metre beyond the end of the car.

The prices of our roof racks may vary depending on the type of car and the options chosen, such as colour, running board, integrated ladder,... To know the price, it is best to request a quote from a dealer in your area. You can do that on our website via this link.

mobietec roof racks are available from numerous garages and vehicle conversion companies in Europe. Ask online for a quotation at your nearest dealer of choice. Or look for a dealer in your neighborhood and pay him a visit.

Unfortunately not, mobietec is only the manufacturer and sells products only through a network of garages and vehicle converters. Use our dealer locator to see which dealer is closest to you.

We recommend to always have your roof rack mounted by your mobietec dealer. A correct assembly is very important and also guarantees the validity of the guarantee on your product. You can find mobietec dealers all over Europe that can do this for you. Find a dealer in your neighbourhood via our dealer locator.

For most commercial vehicles, the inside of the roof must be easily accessible in order to mount the Mobietec product efficiently. Feel free to contact us and we will examine whether your commercial vehicle qualifies.

In the case of commercial vehicles with a double cabin, it is usually necessary to remove the interior lining of the headliner. Please contact us and we will check whether your commercial vehicle is suitable for this.

There is no standard answer for this. When passing on the serial number and type of car, mobietec will check whether this is possible.

In almost all cars, the ladder is always mounted on the right rear door. This is because of the number plate. For Ford Transit 2T, Volkswagen Crafter and MAN TGE, a ladder can always be mounted on the left. For other vehicles, it is possible to fit the ladder with the number plate recess.

Sometimes it is not possible with certain vehicles because there is no space above the window. It is best to contact us. We will see if there is a possibility to carry this out.

No. A ladder can only be mounted on a car with rear doors. There is always a choice between a ladder on the rear door or on hinges. Only on rear doors that open 270° is a ladder on hinges not possible.

Certainly. Since we make every product by hand, we can always make quick and easy adjustments where needed. When a roof rack, glass rack, mtube or other product has to be mounted in combination with another brand, we can make adaptations where necessary. We always look for a possible and good solution so that we can mount our product with respect for the products of other brands.

When you place your order, give us all the details and possibly some photos. Then we will take care of the rest.

Of course! Usually we deliver tailor-made solutions without needing extra production time. A roof rack that, for example, needs to be slightly longer or wider for the customer, does not require extra production time for us. More significant changes, which require more consultation between the customer and us, may require a little more time. Here too, the healthy principle applies to verify the delivery time when ordering.

We need the right brand and type of the vehicle. When in doubt about the version of the car, it is certainly useful to give us the wheelbase, total length and height of the vehicle.

For some cars, the customer can order a preparation for fitting a roof rack in the garage. This information is necessary for us to provide the correct anchorages. Furthermore, an inner lining on the roof, side walls or rear doors can affect the assembly time and this information is therefore necessary to estimate the assembly time and any extra requirements.

In addition, it is useful to know if there is a ladder on the rear door or on hinges present, or whether the vehicle has rear windows or hinges that allow the doors to open 270 °.

Before we install a glass rack, it is important to know whether there is already a roof rack (brand) installed (or if there are plans to install one in the future) or if no roof rack is required.

An assembly date has to be agreed with your chosen mobietec dealer. This is usually done as soon as the roof rack arrives at the dealer after it leaves the factory.

A mobietec product is shipped fully finished and ready for assembly on the vehicle. This is usually done with external transport. Because we work with a fixed carrier for each country, we can count on a good service.

The product leaves the factory between 5 and 7 working days after order confirmation. After we receive an order, it is scheduled for production and an order confirmation with delivery date is sent to the customer. The delivery of the product depends on the destination. Standard delivery times from the mobietec factory to the distribution points are within the Benelux 1 week after ordering. Outside the Benelux countries after 10-14 days.

For special orders or quantities a delivery date is determined in consultation with the customer.

All products are developed and produced by mobietec. The employees of mobietec make all products by hand, according to the specifications of the customer.

Although everything is thoroughly tested indoors, these are not official tests. As there are specific guidelines for the products to test, mobietec has partnered with estl to test all products by third parties and according to specific guidelines. This way we could determine how heavily our products can be taxed. This way we can offer our products with peace of mind.

It is also the way for mobietec to demonstrate and guarantee the quality of the product.

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