mtube in gebruik
ladderklem op dakdrager
ladderklemmen set in gebruik

ladderklemmen set in gebruik

steuntjes voor zwaailichten
zwaailicht op dakdrager professionele bedrijfswagen

mobietec zwaailichthouders als accessoires op dakdragers van professionele bedrijfswagens


Zwaailichtsteun zonder lamp

mobietec verplaatsbare laadstop

mobietec verplaatsbare laadstop

mobietec vaste laadstop

mobietec vaste laadstop

mobietec ladderhulpsysteem

mobietec ladderhulpsysteem

mobietec sjoroog

mobietec sjoroog

mobietec ladingstop set

mobietec ladingstop set

mobietec veiligheidskit glasdrager

mobietec veiligheidskit glasdrager

mtubes, ladder clamps and lashing eyes: indispensable accessories for your van equipment

Commercial vehicle accessories are essential for every entrepreneur. They make work easier and safer. There are Mtubes for storing pipes, lashing eyes for tying down cargo, ladder clamps for quickly securing a ladder and much more. See here which extra accessories mobietec provides.

accessories for roof racks

loopplaat op imperiaal
zwaailichthouders voor dakdragers
zwaailichthouder gemonteerd op imperiaal


A walkway on a roof rack is recommended for safe movement on top of the roof. A mobietec walkway has anti-slip in both directions. This ensures extra safety in all weather conditions.

flashing light holders

Attach a few lights to your roof rack to increase your visibility on the road. At mobietec, you can order some flashing light holders with your roof rack. The light itself is not included, but it is available at many recognised mobietec dealers. These lights are mostly used by energy suppliers, road workers, but also by other professionals.

mtube op een dakdrager
mtube op dakdrager
sjorogen op dwarsligger
sjorogen op dakdrager

accessories for roof racks and load carriers

mtubes - safe and efficient transport of pipes

Do you want to transport pipes safely and efficiently? You can do it with our mtubes! They are available from 2 to 6 metres long and can be opened and closed on both sides with a corresponding key.

lashing eyes

With our integrated T-slot in the profile of the crossbars, mounting lashing rings is easy. Lashing eyelets make it much easier to tie down loads.

laadstops dakdrager
laadstops op imperiaal
ladderklem op dakdrager
ladderklem set

load stops

Loading stops also serve the purpose of facilitating the tying down of cargo. On roof racks as well as on load carriers, they can be firmly attached to the carriers as movable supports. In addition, there are also load stop sets that can be firmly attached to the ends of load bars. This more or less imitates a roof rack.

ladder clamps

A must for every ladder: our ladder clamps. Our ladder clamps ensure that your ladders are securely fastened to the vehicle in no time and that they do not swing around during transport. The clamps can also be secured with a padlock should you leave your loaded vehicle alone. Our ladder clamps are made in the traditional way - without plastic, strong and reliable. Available per set.

accessories for glass racks

clamping poles

All mobietec external glass racks are provided with 2 clamping poles as standard. These serve to secure the load easily and safely. This way you can be sure that your load will remain in place during transport. Are 2 clamping poles not enough? Then you can always order additional clamping poles.

lashing eyes

In addition to the standard equipment, the glass racks can also be fitted with accessories that increase the ease of use and benefit the safety of the load. The lashing eyes that we can also integrate into load carriers and roof racks can also be added to the glass side rails. They can be used to secure the load with ropes.

wielplaat glasdrager
ladder in glasdrager

horizontal profiles

Extra horizontal profiles can be added between two vertical profiles in the rack to build a ladder. This allows you to reach the roof rack and the load on top of the car.

wheel plate

The glass rack is often mounted in front of a wheel arch. Changing a flat tyre can then be a real hassle. This is why our glass racks are tiltable as standard, so that the wheel is easily accessible. However, it can happen that this way of repairing or changing a tyre is not desired. In that case we offer a solution by working with a removable piece at the height of the rear wheel. In addition, a wheel plate can be added as protection against stone chippings during transport, for example.

accessories for ladders

ladder damper

Ladder safety is very important, whether you are standing on a ladder or next to it. For car doors that open 270°, it is worth investing in a shock absorber. Although we advise you to always be careful when opening the rear doors of your car when there is a ladder, this shock absorber helps to cushion the blow if the doors are blown open too hard, for example. Our shock absorber is easy to install and use, and it's a great way to keep your van damage-free.

rubber support

An extra rubber support can be added to a ladder to prevent damage.

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