The serial number of the product is of utmost importance for every service. You can send us an email with the serial number, or you can contact your supplier and send the serial number to us.

As soon as we receive a notification, you will receive an answer from us within 24 hours. Your supplier will also be kept informed of further processing.

Each call is followed up as briefly as possible. Because we always find a solution in consultation with the customer, an intervention is made to an appropriate date.

The distributors of our products can best testify about our service.

The load capacity of the roof rack always exceeds the load capacity of the roof of the vehicle. One cross beam of the roof rack can, depending on the model, take a load of 200 to 300 kg. The maximum roof load, specified by the manufacturer of the vehicle, is therefore always decisive.

Due to the low weight of a mobietec roof rack, however, there is a greater weight that can still be charged before the maximum roof load prescribed by the manufacturer of the vehicle is exceeded.

The weight that can still be loaded is indicated on the product by means of a gray sticker that is visibly applied.

In addition to all this, it is very important that the user always reads the user manual, which is added to each product and is marked with a yellow info-sticker. The supplier of your mobietec product is responsible for handing you the user manual as it is an integral part of the product.

We have indeed different versions available. A technical sketch can be found under the details of the product on the product page.

Certainly. We are always looking for a good solution. If necessary or where possible, adaptation pieces are made, so that we can assemble our product with respect for the products of other brands.

Although everything is thoroughly tested indoors, these are not official tests. As there are specific guidelines for the products to test, mobietec has partnered with estl to test all products by third parties and according to specific guidelines. This way we could determine how heavily our products can be taxed. This way we can offer our products with peace of mind.

It is also the way for mobietec to demonstrate and guarantee the quality of the product.

We need the right brand and type of the vehicle. When in doubt about the version of the car, it is certainly useful to give us the wheelbase, total length and height of the vehicle.

For some cars, the customer can order a preparation for fitting a roof rack in the garage. This information is necessary for us to provide the correct anchorages. Furthermore, an inner lining on the roof, side walls or rear doors can affect the assembly time and this information is therefore necessary to estimate the assembly time and any extra requirements.

In addition, it is useful to know if there is a ladder on the rear door or on hinges present, or whether the vehicle has rear windows or hinges that allow the doors to open 270 °.

Before we install a glass rack, it is important to know whether there is already a roof rack (brand) installed (or if there are plans to install one in the future) or if no roof rack is required.

All products are developed and produced by mobietec. The employees of mobietec make all products by hand, according to the specifications of the customer.

mobietec works with a network of garages and converters who offer our products. Outside Belgium we work with distributors who distribute our product through their channels across the country.

On this website you can always request a quotation or find the nearest distributor.

A mobietec product is delivered ready for assembly. This usually happens with external transport. Because we work with a regular carrier for every country, we can count on a good service.

After we receive an order, it is scheduled for production and an order confirmation with delivery date is sent to the customer. The delivery of the product depends on the destination. But normally the product leaves the factory between 5 to 7 working days after order confirmation.

For special orders or quantities, a delivery date is set in consultation with the customer.

Of course! Usually we deliver tailor-made solutions without needing extra production time. A roof rack that, for example, needs to be slightly longer or wider for the customer, does not require extra production time for us. More significant changes, which require more consultation between the customer and us, may require a little more time. Here too, the healthy principle applies to verify the delivery time when ordering.

Generally, a spoiler is mounted on the roof rack when necessary. Each roof rack for a car with rear doors comes with a ladder roll (not included for cars with tailgate as the space where the ladder roll normally sits is needed to open the valve).  

Each glass rack comes with 2 load-securing poles and with necessary legal equipment, according to the country where the product is delivered.

The internal glass rack comes as a basic frame. Different accessories are available: load-securing poles,  folding supports, fasteners for load-securing poles etc.

Every product comes with the necessary mounting accessories (fasteners) as well as with a mounting and operating manual.

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