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mobietec ladders zwart en naturel

mobietec ladders zwart en naturel

aluminium ladder with your roof rack

increase the capacity of your company car with a mobietec roof rack and ladder

In addition to a roof rack, a ladder is also indispensable on a large delivery van. How else can we load and unload objects on the roof of the car?

At mobietec you have come to the right place for a ladder tailored to your van. All mobietec ladders are easy to install and use. They guarantee safety and ease of use. Moreover, every ladder is carefully finished so that it can last a car's life. That means no abnormal wear, no rust or dents in the rear door and made to measure.

mobietec has designed six different types of ladders that can be combined with (almost) all roof racks and load carriers. The product range of mobietec is as follows: ladder on rear door, ladder on hinges, integrated ladder, internal ladder, rotating ladder and folding ladder.

Each type meets different aesthetic and user requirements. Read more about the differences, types of installation, as well as the advantages and disadvantages below.

different types of ladders for vans 

ladder on rear door

A ladder on rear door is the most solid way of mounting on the car. This is because we drill through the rear doors to mount this ladder. Prefer not to have holes in your bodywork? Are you, for example, planning to sell the car on in due course? No problem. As an alternative, you can opt for a ladder on hinges. However, we often see cars being sold on without any problems, including the ladder. That is why te ladder on hinges remains the most popular and best-selling ladder.


+ sturdiest ladder
+ shock absorber option (interesting for ars with doors that open 270°)


- installation via drilling through the rear door


ladder on hinges

The ladder on hinges is also found on the rear doors of the car. The difference with the ladder on rear door is that this ladder does not require drilling through the car doors. The ladder is mounted on stainless steel brackets.


+ installation without drilling, your vehicle is not damaged.
+ very easy to dismantle if needed.


- not available for all types of vehicles

integrated ladder

The integrated ladder fits on every roof rack for medium-sized and large commercial vehicles. As the name suggests, this ladder is integrated into the roof rack. The great advantage of this is that the rear doors remain completely free. This is an interesting option when the rear of the car is stickered. Or if you want to protect the ladder from improper use.


+ the rear doors are completely free
+ no drilling required for installation
+ practical. The ladder is safely tucked away under the roof rack. The loading surface remains completely free.
+ safe. A padlock (not included) protects the ladder from unauthorised use.
+ comfortable. Because the ladder consists of two parts, connected by a hinge, it is easy to handle. This makes it easy to use the ladder even when a trailer or other vehicle is parked behind it.


- when adding an integrated ladder, the total height of the roof rack is increased by ± 6 cm.
- not ideal when you need the ladder very often.

rotating ladder

The rotating ladder is mounted on the side of the roof rack. This is useful when working in busy cities with tight parking spaces and the rear of the vehicle is often not easily accessible. With a rotating ladder, you can work along the side of the car and avoid this problem.


+ handy for those who work in busy cities
+ no drilling through the car


- not compatible with vehicles where rear doors open 270

internal ladder

An internal ladder is, as you can guess, mounted on the inside of the car. This can be at the rear door, on the left or right, or at the side door.


+ safe: the ladder is protected against unauthorised use


- takes up space on the inside of the vehicle

folding ladder

This is a simple separate ladder that is not mounted on the car or roof rack. This ladder can be folded in two equal parts. What is particularly handy about this ladder is the hook system. It can be hooked onto the ladder roll or the side of the roof rack. In this way, the ladder can be used both at the rear and the side of the car.


+ separate ladder. It is not attached to the car or roof rack.
+ can be used both at the rear and the side of the vehicle.


- takes up space inside the car.
- can be forgotten.

mobietec ladders are of the highest quality


Our ladders are made of anodised aluminium profiles. This makes our ladders light in weight and very sturdy. The low weight of the ladder reduces fuel consumption. The sturdiness makes it very easy to use our ladders. On top of that, our ladders are also quick to assemble or disassemble.


Due to a wide contact surface, the ladder lies well in your hand, which is also safer and feels more secure while using it. In addition, the instructions for use are visible while using the ladder.


Our aluminium profiles are anodised. During the anodising process, aluminium receives a controlled oxidation layer. Simply put: a hard, wear resistant layer is formed that protects the aluminium underneath. This protects our ladders against aggressive influences such as UV radiation, sea air, snow, rain, etc. but also against friction, wear and rust. In addition, all our ladders require low maintenance. They are best maintained with PH-neutral cleaning agents.


mobietec ladders meet the highest quality requirements. Our products are manufactured with the best materials, so you can always rely on them. Thanks to their finish and durable materials, they will last a car lifetime if used properly and normally. At mobietec you buy 100% Belgian, 100% durable and 100% reliable.

ladders in black of natural aluminium

Our ladders are available in natural anodised aluminium and black anodised aluminium. Both colours have the same quality. Your choice is purely aesthetic.

need more information?

Do you still have doubts about which ladder to choose? Feel free to contact us or one of our mobietec dealers via the dealer locator.