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mobietec load carriers
mobietec load carrier without rubber

mobietec load carrier without rubber

mobietec load carrier with rubber

mobietec load carrier with rubber


Just like roof racks, load carriers are ideal for transporting materials that do not fit in vans. Or simply to increase the loading capacity of the van.

why load carriers instead of a roof rack?

fast and budget-friendly solution

mobietec load carriers are a lot cheaper than roof racks. However, they can offer you the same advantage if you only need to transport sporadic and limited amounts of materials via the roof of your van.

for occasional use

Load carriers are ideal for the transport of only 1 or 2 pieces of material, for example 1 ladder. As soon as you want to transport larger quantities of material via the roof of your van, it is better to switch to a roof rack.


advantages of load carriers

light and sturdy

By using anodised aluminium profiles, our load carriers are both lightweight and very sturdy. This makes them very easy to handle. Moreover, our load carriers are quick to install or remove.

protected against all weather conditions

Our aluminium profiles are anodised, but what does that mean exactly? During the anodising process, aluminium receives a controlled oxidation layer. To put it simply: a hard, wear-resistant layer is formed that protects the aluminium underneath. This protects our load carriers from aggressive influences such as UV rays, sea air, snow, rain, etc., as well as from friction, wear and tear. but also against friction, wear and rust.

In addition, our load carriers are low-maintenance. They are best maintained with PH-neutral cleaning agents.

very long service life

mobietec load carriers meet the highest quality requirements. Thanks to their finishing and durable materials, they will last a car's life if used properly and normally. At mobietec you buy 100% Belgian, 100% durable and 100% reliable.


different types of load carriers

with or without rubber

At mobietec you have the choice between load carriers with or without rubber. You can get them with rubber at a small extra cost, but for two major advantages. On the one hand sound suppression and on the other hand protection of your material. Rubber provides a better grip on your material, so it will slide less.

natural or black anodised

Our load carriers are available in natural anodised aluminium and black anodised aluminium.

in combination with your other vehicle accessories

On larger vehicles, load carriers are usually taken in combination with a glass carrier.

A glass carrier can be mounted on a van in different ways. Read more on this page. Mounting in combination with load carriers is the perfect choice when you don't necessarily need a roof rack, but you don't want to drill through the bodywork for the glass carrier either. Load carriers are a safe, strong and budget-friendly option, which also offers additional loading capacity.