Záruční podmínky

Warranty provision

We thank you for the purchase of our product. For proper operation and long life you must however take into account the below mentioned items;

  • Check your product before every use.
  • The serial number on your product is important for the follow-up or guarantee.
  • Never restore the product yourself. In this case the warranty expires.
  • Always read all instructions and take care of the product, avoiding caustic products.
  • Never exceed the maximum permitted mass of the vehicle. Never exceed the maximum permissible roof load prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer.

Duration of the waranty

  • mobietec® gives the user a 2-year warranty on the products produced by mobietec®.
  • The warranty period starts on the purchase date stated on the purchase invoice.
  • All parts that may be replaced in warranty remain under warranty for the remaining duration of the product warranty period.
  • The guarantee follows the product when it changes owner. The new owner must be in possession of this document to prove the warranty.
  • The warranty remains valid for defects reported in the warranty period for a maximum of 2 months after the expiry of the warranty period.

Extension of warranty

  • After product registration on the website mobietec® gives the user an extra 2 years guarantee on the products produced by mobietec®.
  • The extension is only valid on condition that the product is registered within 30 days after the purchase date.

Exclusion of warranty

  • Normal wear and tear.
  • If the owner does not report this immediately to the distributor or manufacturer immediately after the defect has been established (within 5 days or before the next use of the product), this defect as well as the consequential damage is excluded from the warranty.
  • When the product has not been treated correctly.
  • When the product is not assembled in accordance with the regulations.
  • If the product is not mounted on the vehicle for which it is intended.
  • If the products are overloaded when the maximum permissible load prescribed by the manufacturer of the vehicle on which the products are mounted has been exceeded.
  • When the product is used on a vehicle that participates in a race.
  • When accessories are mounted on the product that were not approved by mobietec.
  • Damage resulting from mechanical or chemical influences.
  • If the product is not used for what it is for (improper use).


mobietec® is never liable for material and / or immaterial damage caused by / with products from mobietec®, nor for any other form of direct or indirect damage, consequential loss or trading loss.